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collection of Mark Lawson

Ballpoint Pen on Linen Handkerchief

14.5" x 14.5"

The Paño is a folk tradition that originated in America's Southwestern prison system. Paños were originally constructed from torn pieces of bedsheets and were predominantly executed by Chicano/Hispanic inmates. Now, the paño tradition has spread throughout the prison industrial complex and is used as an outlet for many different racial and ethnic groups within prison. Paños are made with ballpoint pen, colored pencil, and/or ink on linen handkerchiefs. I constructed this body of work in order to discuss America and the world's growing prison industrial complex. The dog was chosen for its symbolic dichotomy which allows it to traverse between domesticity and the natural order. In addition to this, many of the source images were procured from images of dog fights which, as many know, take domestic animals and mistreat them until they become savage beasts.

-Emiliano Lake-Herrera